Frequently asked questions

Yes, there exists a CoshKee Agent Installer tool which you can download from your Environment.

Legislation varies from one country to another. Generally, if you have a paragraph in the agreement with your employee stating that all of her actions at the employer's workstation may be monitored and potentially used against them, there shall be no problem. It is common practice to display a warning message at the logon screen and receive user's agreement every time s/he logs in.

It would also be prudent to make users aware of what types of activities are prohibited within the company and get employee's written agreement and then monitor those activities.

Here is a list of articles, as available in mid-2016, for European regulations regarding workplace monitoring:

No, all responsibility lies with you, the employer. Thus, it is your (employer's) obligation to notify your users and perform monitoring in a way that doesn't violate the legislation in your area.

Agent requires approximately 50MB of memory, its CPU usage, depending on the computer, is below 0.5%, network load is no higher than 10KB / minute.

CoshKee Agent collects data locally and transfers to the server when connection is available.

You can uninstall the Agent using the Agent Deployment Tool. Once launched, you can do so for the current computer or for multiple computers on the network.

You can use fully-featured CoshKee freely for 5 users forever.

It is possible to transition from

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